Independent creative agency. Cultivating an innovative international approach. Based in the heart of Europe. Connected to the world.

Build brands for the world wide village
We see that as tomorrow’s challenge

We’re your special force. We think together, create together, and stand for good together. We strike efficiently . Employ our international mind-set to establish your brand’s ambassadors. In the hunt for audience interest and high ROI, we act as a social mediator between your brand and the tribes you wish to reach.

What makes us Unlimited

We marry independence and intelligence. As an independent agency, we deliver a smart alternative to established creative agencies and networks. Autonomous, but fully connected, we breathe the creative values of the world. Manage the skills to engage prospects. We believe that knowing your audience and understanding how to address them, is crucial. Close

Our five added values

B in the Future

We don’t bring on brands without future. Our approach is simple: tailor
efficient strategies based on a deep understanding of your company’s
culture. Use international know-how and quality creative to reach,
persuade and mobilize hard-to-get target groups.

B Guided

We are one of France’s fastest growing independent creative agencies
pursuing international branding projects. In 2008, 45% of our annual
turnover came from abroad. With our clients we share one common
goal: let your brand join the Global Conversation.

B Engaging

When companies go into new markets to expand their business, they
want to work side by side with the best possible partner. Brainstorming
helps bridge the gaps. Facilitates. Enables. Offers a creative laboratory
to rethink your message and empower your audience.

B Hybrid

When Jeff Bourrec created Brainstorming in 1987, he knew that a
smaller agency would deliver better results. It might be what we French
call an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, a quality local product exported
worldwide. Our crop? A form of cultural capital and market receptivity
that works to the advantage of both our international and French clients.

B Ready

Who doesn’t want to get relationships right in a relationship economy?
One of our main focuses is a strong and sustainable relationship with our
clients. Efficient advertising is also a product of people and personalities.
We see that as a major success factor. All set to meet? Close